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Vi holder ferielukket, men får du akut brug for os, så kan du nå os - se info i tekst

The Danish Church office is unmanned during the school holiday from the 25thst December 2017 to the 28th January 2018.

Mails and phone messages will be checked with irregular intervals during this time.


In case of an emergency please contact:

25th December – 1st January: Pastor, Bente Holdgaard, minister(at)danishchurch.org.au, Tel 0421 063 773

2nd January – 9th January: Assistant, Ditte Bennick, assistant(at)danishchurch.org.au, Tel 0421 804 033

10th January – 15th January: Chairman, Peter Maibom, peter.maibom(at)ecowize.com.au, Tel: 0421 285 353

16th January – 21st January: Committee member, Susanne Nielsen, Tel: 0400 950 440

22nd January – 28th January: Assistant, Astrid Damgreen, assistant(at)danishchurch.org.au, Tel. 0422 748 075